Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everything's coming up roses

So.  Um.  Yup.  Everything is still growing.  That's what's growing in my garden.

I got back in the saddle again with WCIII and played as humans against elves on Turtle Rock.  Really quick game.  I got creepjacked about 10 minutes in and despite having only my archmage (lvl 2), mountain king (1) and 2 footmen, I manage to fend off the priestess (3) and a couple of archers and huntresses.

After that I just hung around the entrance of their base, killed a couple of dryads and a mountain giant while the rest of my forces built up and finished the job there.

I'm still just past the 1/3 mark of Atlas Shrugged.  Still liking the book, though I don't entirely agree with the author's social views, aside from socialism not working.


  1. WC3 was an awesome game. I quit the professional scene about a year or more ago and moved on to SC2 but I don't really have time for that either anymore. I'm glad some people still play it though.

  2. hope you'll come through the year! wish you all the best! and have a good morning coffee!

  3. I used to play only on fun maps.
    But now I get SC2 ;)

  4. play undead. Undead is alround win