Monday, April 18, 2011

Little tomaters

The fruit and vegetable garden my wife started with seeds we saved from tomatoes, peppers and okra is beginning to produce.  The pepper has 2-3 little peppers growing on it and the tomato plants have itty-bitty tomatoes on them.  Huzzah.

I fired up warcraft 3 for the first time in a few years over the weekend, and I'm as bad at it as I remember.  I've never been good at RTS games.  Don't know why.  They are fun as all hell when you can get a game going with friends, but given the game is almost 10 years old and everyone has moved on to starcraft 2, the only people left online are the obsessive-compulsive players.  Oh well, maybe I'll keep trying and play a few rounds against the computer.


  1. WC3 was a great game, still play it every now and then. I love RT but like you im not great. I shine mainly in FPS even though i like RTS more.

  2. I've got a hint for the peppers in your garden. Buy Epson Salt (from the pharmacy, it's for tight muscles). the Epson salt is high in nitrogen. Form a small ring about a half inch high around the stem of the pepper plant, and lightly water with the hose. This will activate the salts which will seep down, fertilizing the roots. Good luck with the gardening.