Friday, April 22, 2011

More WC3, not so much gardening today

It's too hot to do much gardening, aside from watering the trees and veggies, so I've been honing my still-dull warcraft 3 game.

Played a 4-player game against the computer as humans against 2 orcs and a nightelf and ended up winning.  I was able to get an expo up, running and protected.  The elves gave me a scare because they did the same and the priestess had about 2 levels on my heroes, but I was able to pull out a decisive battle after walking in at the end of a fight between elves and one of the orcs.  I've had pretty good luck with timing my battles and not getting into three-way fights or getting creepjacked.


  1. man, go out! you never know how long the world will stay as it is.

  2. Great post, I really appreciate how much time you put onto this.
    I will be closing my blog soon as soon as I reach a personal goal...hope to see you in the next one.

    A fresh start!


  3. good luck with your gardening, man

  4. Great post,
    Ill give you a cheezburger friend.
    Hope everyone supports this blog as well.


  5. warcraft 3 is awesome, i just need to find my disks again to install it